The Manager as Leader



ISBN: 0-275-99010-9


Length: 232 pages

Publishers: Praeger Publishers

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Media Type: Hardcover; also available as an Ebook

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An invisible line between individual contributor and leader was once thought to exist, separating "leaders" from "followers." Two decades of downsizings and rightsizings have forever blurred this distinction and left us with three fundamental challenges:

  1. How can an organization elicit leadership from everyone?
  2. How can those who choose to lead influence others to perform more effectively and efficiently than they ever thought possible?
  3. How can leaders continue to be successful when the environment in which they lead is constantly changing?

Addressing these challenges requires a certain awareness and nimbleness on behalf of the person thinking and acting as the "leader," regardless of their formal position. The Manager as Leader presents practical strategies, tools, and techniques for developing the leadership mindset and applying it on a daily basis.


The book introduces the Contextual Leadership® Model, which identifies:

  • Nine fundamental leadership roles
  • Six common contexts in which leadership is exercised

The model guides readers toward matching their roles and actions to the particular context at hand; it also shows readers how to anticipate changes in context and adjust their roles and actions accordingly.

Packed with illustrative examples, diagnostic tools, worksheets, and other interactive elements, and featuring an extensive listing of resources, The Manager as Leader is a hands-on guide to the art of leadership, whether you are an executive, manager, supervisor, or aspiring leader anywhere in the organization.